The Road to Publication – In Gods Time

New Career: Day One

My first speaking event: Stories on the Square took place at Benton’s Old Fashioned Day this past Saturday, October 8, 2011. There were all sorts of lessons learned, but overall, I am extremely happy and  more sure than ever that I’m headed down the right road. It felt so good to see the looks on the faces of some of my listeners when they really “got it”. That is, after all what I like best about my current job, and what I liked best about my first experience in training, with the Scouts.

Thank you Lord, for the beautiful day, and for my health. I had a wonderful day, and I’m looking forward to more steps along this pathway you’ve laid out for me.

“Freshly motivated by attending a great Christian Writer’s Conference, a soon to be successful author shares the journey.”

That’s what’s called the Elevator Pitch for this page- a summary of what it’s all about that hopefully makes you want to know more. I’ll be practicing, proposing, planning, and providing links that might be helpful to others in this spot.

Caution- this road is constantly under construction!